Jean and Denim Dress Fashion

The fashion breakthrough

Denim dresses and Jean dresses are today one of the most popular attires around the world and during the last few decades have entered the fashion catwalks around the globe in a very big way.

Fashion designers have brought a new dimension with different styles to what was originally worn by those rough and tough low income workers especially in Europe and the Americas.

Today these dresses make every fashionable and chic woman’s wardrobe and some just love to dress up in a variety of both either for work or for casual, formal and pleasure.

There is no doubt that such dresses are here to stay and would continue to command its niche within the multibillion dollar fashion industry for many years to come.

The comfort and easy wear of a dress like this is what makes them so popular today more than the original reason for which it was initially made.

There is elegance in the fairer sex it which give’s designers many different options to create styles and bring it with a flavor onto the catwalks.

Jean dresses have umpteen different styles that women can choose from and which in turn offers them a wide spectrum of selection.


Fashion inspiration

Fashion has inspired creations leaving aside the 17th century notion that Denim dresses are worker’s attire.

It is also into fashion where some innovative and fashion conscious women combine  Jean dresses for formal wear too and it has now become an accepted style even within the traditionally high fashion cities of New York, London or Paris to see these in a big way even on a big day on the catwalks over there.

The Denim” or “Jean” materials too have evolved from the original by becoming more subtle, soft with a fine finish especially in ladies wear giving an additional elegance to those wearing them.

The softness of some of the “Denim and “Jean” materials produced today is just what the ladies have been waiting for to step out with not only style but comfort too which makes them confident with a spring in their strides too.

Fashion has broken many barriers in the modern world and has inspired many creative innovations for designers around the world to bring out haute couture of such elegance that have swept swooning ladies off their feet.

The difference when it comes to Denim dresses and Jean dresses is that it has not only brought creative innovations both have turned the fashion world upside down for the simple reason that its origins when created were not for the fashion world but for hard working and low income earning individuals who did not even know anything about what fashion was at the time.


The history

The history of Jean dresses and Denim dresses are fascinating if you dig deep into it, though most of those who wear it and walk around may not know.

They were weaved tough and was the standard work overall for the working class who needed a pair of trousers that would last them for a considerable length of time and also was comfortable in use.

The word “Jeans” is believed to have been coined after the city of Genoa in Italy, which the Italians fondly refer to as “Genes”.

The same is also thought of the “Denim” too which is also believed to have had its proud beginnings in the French city named “Nimes”.

Jean dresses were widely worn by the working class in Italy and was the most popular dress for men or women in the 17th century when they went to work especially those doing the rough and tough stuff.

“Denim” made its debut into the United States in the mid 19th century and since then it has made great inroads into the fashion world though it too came as a worker’s attire, which needed to be strong and withstand the rough wear necessary.



The pros and cons

There is nothing much to pinpoint and identify as good or bad in Denim dresses or Jean dresses, in fact there are more pros than cons that too if there are any.

They are both versatile and comfortable with elegance written all over when the perfect body matches the dress on it and ladies are aware of it and tend to wear them with finesse and class making a positive mark when seen around in their best of the best.

Denim dresses could be worn whichever way anyone wants it to because of its simple and fashionable nature and has been a boon to many working ladies especially who have something to slip on when time constraints are to be met and tight work schedules beckon.

It is this easy going nature of such dresses that has made these two not only for the working lady but for those seeking adventure outdoors.

These have become the ideal dress for any outdoor activity and are seen famously worn by the stars of Hollywood to the ordinary men and women on the street making it one of the most popular attires that anyone could wear with style and at an affordable cost.

It this versatility that makes them that much more popular and has today become the darling of everyone from every corner of the world without any bias in class, creed and culture.

It is one part of the fashionable world that is not the exclusive domain of either the rich or the poor it has cut right across the center giving anyone affordable wear at anytime and anywhere.

This is what has made such dresses the most popular around the world and will do so for many years to come into the future.